Cannabis News – Another Weed | Ep. 499 | 10-03-2019

Joe Klare discusses GW Pharmaceuticals and autism, a police chief making the case for legalization and Dr. Sanjay Gupta being back with “Weed 5”. 10-3-19 …


  1. Long time listener… Does finished Cannabutter cake freeze well for 3 months? Maybe vacuum seal it….? I'm not using here in Texas right now cause I don't like Prison… but as soon as it's legal I might… But I can't smoke it or vape it long term…. I have to eat it… when I get ready to in the future but not now…. When I do I want a high CBD/THC strain only… I want all the healthy goodness….. My 75 yr old father is on cannabis in Oklahoma ha (he never used it not one time in all his life ha)… He has serious medical conditions, multiple conditions… I'm very glad he has his edibles and getting relief and a higher quality of life… We talk about God and Bible… we have faith…

  2. 1. First
    2. "Marijuana Everywhere" should be the tagline of this show

    Speaking of, another good bit of daily journalism mate 👌 looking forward to episode 500, you should do a stream lol

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