Cannabis News – A New Year | Ep. 302 | 01-01-2019

Joe Klare discusses the saga of the Cannabus, the supposed promises legal marijuana made and a possible legalization attempt in South Dakota. 1-1-19 – Ep.


  1. The real problem with cops is recruitment of low IQ MORONS, who don't have the mental capacity to make good decisions! Top that with steroids, and we have a recipe for DISASTER!!! IJS

  2. cant wait for your video on that farm bill, i tryed to read it, but couldnt find the hemp part of the bill, wonder what a person needs to do, to get signed up to grow some hemp, or is there a minium or maximum amount of plants to grow, and the seed will prob be regulated, and where to get it. lots of ?/s.

  3. Two things.

    The black and white drug use is about the same based on self reporting. But there is research that blacks lie a lot more about their use. So it is not actually clear that the arrest rates are out of proportion to their use.

    Also, you know I push OK coverage. We do exactly what you say. All our business licenses are 2500 and everyone is accepted. I don't know that they track it, but I imagine OK's MMJ businesses are the most diverse. BTW we allow felons to own businesses, something like 2 years for non violent and 5 for something else both starting at conviction. But current inmates can't own businesses. Can you believe our law!!!! And we can smoke anywhere cigarettes are smoked. The same rules for both, I think cannabis should be treated better. But, isn't that one of the most pro patient things you've heard? WE really were for the patient. Ohhh, and 1 month temporary cards for out of state patients that visit. But they are expensive at 100, I don't know the renewal fee.

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