CANNABIS FLOWERING WEEK 7. DAY 44 BUD SHOTS. Weedheimer Willies Channel : Music …


  1. hello grateful grower! i love your videos! ive been learning a lot from here. Just one question, it seems like you got some nute burn is that right? or is it something else?

  2. Hi! BEAUTIFUL! at 44 days your giving about 1 & 1/2 gallons per feeding? (Plus nutes)
    Thank you, first guy to even hint at "average" water intake. I do know run-off is expected. At about 30 days in Massachusetts. Think we've going a little conservative on water despite; thriving well.
    The watering amount information is hard to come by. Thank you.
    What a great gardener!

  3. Going to start a blog as Gremlin grower im going to start putting pictures of my room up and my lights and my flowers and my other plants and hopefully start to try to get to know everybody in the community can. I plan to start a live Channel. just want to let you know I'm a big big fan

  4. Been watching your videos for a couple years big big fan can't even believe how many times are we watch the same video over and over looking for little pieces of knowledge great stuff buddy

  5. SUB TO ME I subbed to you homie check out my playlist of bubblehash medical marijuana channel subscribe I make huge balls of full melt bubble hash and dry sieve keif rosin tech !✌🤘🔥😱👽

  6. Very nice channel and video! just subbed and liked. i just started growing and i am going around digging for information. check out my grow when you get the chance! thanks

  7. Dude it's a jungle in there…….. Beautiful buds……… If I learn to grow half as good as you I'll be very happy…….. all the best til we meet bro……. cheers

  8. right on man, tell me I wasn't stoned yesterday after watching this, I went and subbed your buddy and forgot to back track and lay a comment on ya lol your garden is just beautiful, you've said it before, it's all in the GENETICS! #growerslove Peace

  9. Dude that blue dream is such a huge round bush and everything else looks wonderful keep it up bro, much love from Massachusetts always watch and like your vids. I got Willie to 36 for ya

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