Candace Owens Debates Students About Socialist Policy And Decriminalization or Legalization

This heated debate about Marijuana Legalization or Decriminalization led to some heated exchanges about all manners of drug and social policy. Students and …


  1. I was born and raised as Republican and my family is republican at least I thought they were. Im also christian just like my family is but it seems like Trump becoming president is changed everything which I didnt know why . I had an cousin sent me an online petition to get Trump out of office I was shocked and as an christian I told her that as an good republican and christian I dont let somones past effect my thoughts and seek judgment on someone and I also told her that I thought she was an good christian to but sending me this petition proves you are not an good christian and I said sorry but I will not sign it

  2. If you kill free speech (say anything)in the U.S.A you will KILL the rest of the FREE world. just move if you don't like it. I'm Canadian, don't fuck with my freedom.(listen to Candice)

  3. I am more conservative but I disagree with how they are kind of rude to people who ask questions. Like they talk about how the left won’t let them have an opinion or speak when they are literally bullying people who ask respectful questions. That’s not gonna get anyone to believe you.

  4. I was one of those who didn’t have healthcare when Obamacare was passed, I went on my employer healthcare that year. But, because I didn’t have healthcare coverage for the entire year, I was fined, and had a good portion of my tax return that year withheld, so, you can imagine the hell id love to put Barack Obama in.

  5. Eliminate the IRS completely and put a 12% tax on all purchases, no exemptions for tourists, illegals, pimps, crooks, everybody. If the rich guy wants to spend 40mil on a jet he pays the same tax as the mom who buys a $7 pair of jeans for her kid. Tax paid in a fair distribution. People will buy what they can afford to buy and by default will pay tax according to what they can afford to pay. A perfect solution. Period.

  6. I am sick to my stomach listening to these children in college. It is terrifying to send my child to college. These students are actually mentally sick manifested by arguing for every drug to be used and believing they are ok to use. The absolute insanity. Where did these children get their ideas ? It can't possibly be that their parents taught them this way. I am shocked.


  7. Some of these people were talking about the border wall. And we need to have open borders. If that is true we should not require passports to anyone coming into this United States by air or sea.. Because wouldn't that be discrimination if they were denied entry. Canada should be open. And just let anyone come in that wants to. See how ridiculous this sounds the left is going nuts.

  8. At 4:48 the liberal was shown wrong when claiming Trump is not reducing but increasing the size of government, then tries to say that building the wall is "socialism at it's finest" as well as police, firefighters are socialism! LOL Claims Obamacare is in no way socialism and it is screwing him over and blaming capitalism, saying medicare works!  Where do these people get their silly ideas? Shot down again!

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