Canadian Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 4/26/2019 by

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  1. Canadians welcoming ???? Jedi … You do like a galizillion video's and essentially for free that create enormous knowledge and profit for untold numbers of people. Brother Jedi … Many Canadains could learn from such example, I image you might say many Americans could too. Let's just say many people could 😉

  2. Hey Dan, on the off chance you see this. Do you ever trade OTC names on fidelity? I just switched and it doesn’t allow me to place stop limit sells/buys on any OTC names and it’s mildly annoying

  3. Life is Meaningless without Furtune behind every successful trader there must be a mentor or Successor all am trying to say is many thanks to mr Henrik raymond for his profitable advice to my trading sector making me earn much more per week thank you god bless you.

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