Canadian Marijuana Stocks Technical Analysis Chart 1/18/2019 by

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  1. Hi Dan, thanks again. 69th like. In depth on GTII tomorrow, had a hard time reading it today, near end of day bought in 15.30 and sold 15.70 as the RSI on the 15 minute was into oversold. Played it well and thought of you.

  2. Cool experience man I'm happy for you, I got to see the world when I was in the Navy maybe again one day but …….Who am I fooling I'll Never Leave the States again I'm getting to old and the world ain't like it once was ….PEACE

  3. Ok, and I'd like others to weigh in… I'm in a bit of hot water because I've been telling family for about a week now to hold off jumping in (long term) because the overall market should pullback. Well as we know, this rally is just going crazy and hitting levels I really didn't think we would. Historically speaking, we almost always retest lows when we have a big dump in the market like that in December. I'm still remaining cautious, but am at a loss with how strong this rebound has been especially with the amount of uncertainty remains. Any thoughts on that logic?

  4. Dan, i want to thank you and stress something you have talked about that has helped me twice in the past month. and that is the value of using both tickers (or at least the one with the greater volume) You nailed OGI yesterday, the US ticker OGRMF at the open immediately had the inside bar break bearish, OGI did not. AND on top of that you warned of a fake out breaking bearish in the first 5 min not holding as much weight. (also used this to stay out when ACB did not break to a higher high on the TSX but did on the NYSE awhile back)

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