A big week in marijuana stocks was capped off with big end of the week chirping from analysts. MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH CANNABIS STOCKS…


  1. Thanks for the the shout out Mickey! I've been following Tinley for awhile and it's holding pretty strong in this bear market. Also I heard an ad on the radio the other day on CBD's from CV Science here in Austin, Texas. The CBD market here in Texas is starting to gain traction. Thanks for all the info Mickey!

  2. Mickey did you see that WTER released a new line of products A88 infused products. They have been trading sideways and holding that 1.50 resistance. I need to do more research to see if there has been shared being bought by institutions. I’m very bullish on WTER still management seems very competent

  3. Hey Mickey Dee, how are you my fellow Marijuana stock investor. Be real. Tell it like it is. The major boom in this marijuana sector in the Stock Markets happened for people that bought the first stocks on the Canadian markets, 5 years ago for pennies. The NYSE and NASDAQ came later at a low price. but, There is not a BOOM coming again, like first Boom from the first wave companies that hit the stock markets from the get go (5 years ago). Unless, some of these second wave companies (still at pennies) come through. Granted that investing into solid companies like IIPR, CWEB, GW Pharmacies are the best choice. Do you actually think that some of these second wave companies (still at pennies per share) are going to do as well as the first companies? I already know that the big companies will dominate. That's a given. But what do you think the chances are worldwide for the second wave/smaller marijuana companies to become as big as CWEB or Canopy Growth, Village Farms, Cronos Group, Tilray, etc.

  4. Hey Mickey thank you for you great work.

    I have been accumulating a lot of Khiron during this bearish market. You have reported on them before, I’m curious if you are still following the company ?
    Management is top quality, they’ve been doing some great things and Mexico is said to be legalizing this month!


  5. Thank you for mentioning my name Mickey, love your channel man it’s been extremely helpful. This sector is going to rebound sooner than most think I feel. Once we start seeing consolidation of the bigger caps it’s gonna run that’s jus how I feel. I am down in ACB though for sure been nibbling at these low prices

  6. Hi Mickey I have been bullish on pot stocks since 2014 through the ups and downs. I wonder if you have noticed that Mexico is set to fully legalize pot in short order. I think that it’s worth noting that Khiron Life Sciences ( khrn ) is poised to play a big part in that market. I think it’s also worth noting that x president of Mexico Vicente Fox is on their board of directors . Follow the money. I also think that legalization in Canada and Mexico will put pressure on U.S. lawmakers to speed up legalization in America.

    Love your videos

  7. Great video Mickey. It's great also to see the family grow and your hard work starting to pay off. Now listen up everyone. HIT that THUMBS UP button in between that other thing you're hitting.
    I got a new gold mine for you Mickey. Remember I told you about Meituan Dianping (OTC: MPMGF).  It's gone up over $1 since what, about 3-4 weeks ago?  Well you know I follow companies all around the world and one of my favorite places is Israel. So, do you know anybody that suffers from acne? Of course you do. We all do. But here's what you don't know. I've found another 10 bagger I want to share with you and all the family members straight off the press. Foamix received FDA approval of AMZEEQ topical minocycline treatment for MiLLions of moderate to severe acne sufferers. This company is going to make millions upon millions of dollars. We're talking a $3.15 stock on it's way to $75.00 IMO.

    REHOVOT, Israel and BRIDGEWATER, N.J., Oct. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Foamix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Nasdaq: FOMX) (“Foamix” or the “Company”), a specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved its novel AMZEEQ (TM) (minocycline) topical foam, 4%. AMZEEQ, formerly known as FMX101, is indicated for the treatment of inflammatory lesions of non-nodular moderate to severe acne vulgaris in adults and pediatric patients 9 years of age and older and is the first topical minocycline to be approved by the FDA for any condition.  “The FDA approval of AMZEEQ is a milestone moment in dermatology and the most significant advancement with minocycline in almost 50 years,” said David Domzalski, Chief Executive Officer of Foamix.

    Google their website.  I'm long on FOMX since June when it was $1.14 to get in.  It's not marijuana, it's not uranium, it's not even gold but it sure looks like a gold mine to me.  Happy trading my friend(s).  See you all in church!

  8. I heard my name whoop whoop lol..
    Thanks for the encouraging words, I need it! Since i started trading in January I'm down so much. I hope we all make alot of money soon. Take care mickey.

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