BEST Cheap Dry Herb Vaporizers – 9 Weed Vapes under $150

In this mega dry herb vape sesh, I demo and review the 9 best cheap dry herb vapes. These vapes are cheap on the price and high in value. No junk here.


  1. You’re wrong sir the yocan ishred Has a built-in grinder and a built-in stir rod you don’t even need to take the cap off to stir your flower you just rotate the cap and it stirs it for you and you can keep smoking it’s a variable temp with digital readout

  2. VAS got me here again 🤣🤣 That Nano got you impressed I'm thinking this and the starry as StickStones loves it with his cbd, you definitely need to rehit this list up as alot of new budgets came out lol

  3. BY FAR ONE OF MY FAVORITE YOUTUBERS PERIOD 😂 this may have been a review but still some of this most entertaining content I've ever seen! Absolutely loved this video and subscribed! 🙏

  4. Jesus. One question I gotta ask is why tf are weed vapes to pricy? Ohmahgawd.

    Secondly, 5 minutes into the video you're already blasted. Gotta give kudos for keeping it going. I would've thrown up at least 3 times if I tried that.

  5. Thank you for the video, great as always, I keep on learning things. It was interesting to see all the vaporizers back, good review, very good … And thank you 'for willing' to vape all these bowls for us … Lol … Teasing, I hope it was as much fun for you as for me. You're cute when a little high, it doesn't annoy me with you, some exaggerate a little, … It's just both fun and I learn something, always great videos!!

  6. I know you said no "atmos" , but the atmos jump kit is really awesome.. I have dropped it so many times and it still works, especially useful for a solo session and if you don't want to produce big clouds. It's very discreet which works for me. I get high everyday without no one noticing, when I'm outside or if I'm by a window with a small fan and air blowing outside.

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