Autoflower Flush, Due To Salt Build Up. Critical Mass And Northern Light x Big Bud

All nutrients are basically sodium and these salts build up in the grow medium that you are using . When the build up of salts gets to high, it will effect the growth …


  1. Ya bill your right as rain man. i try to run a weak ppm flush roughly every fourth wk as a rule if im using a pro mix or coco . In hydro we usually run a one day week or two , low ppm rinse . It does depend on how aggressive your feed program is more or less say to go easy on the nutes after because they tend to lock back up easily for a few wks following …Also different genetics have different tolarences for anyone new….But Weve (ALL) cooked something at sometime brother lol , part of the game ! its cool ta see ya man up to it haha, for new guys its the Learning curb… Life eh ! Great vid once again. Your a great teacher bud . Good quality info right there..Take care

  2. I just flushed Wednesday.i use ghe flora series and the ph of my coco was rises fast with the flora series. Complete nute lockout.but I do flush my coco every 7 to 10 days.with a lockout leaves and plants allways look the same bill.

  3. Good show once again Bill, thanks a bunch. I was at my grow today and noticed some of my seedlings are yellowing from the top, they are at week 2 and about 10 of the 90 are yellowing across the top. I took some pics and I wish I could add in the comment so you could tell me your thoughts. Thanks for another great video.

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