Amitriptyline | What you should know

Amitriptyline (Elavil) is not only commonly used for depression but also for Fibromyalgia chronic pain. Some have found it very helpful for treating their pain and …


  1. My Neurologist put me on this drug for Migraines. Did not work me . Plus it gave me ( now this is just me) horrible acne. It helped with sleep but that's it. I did not continue with this medication. Everyone is different and reacts differently. I just have to pin point my migraine triggers and go from there. Thank you uploading your video and i wish everyone well.

  2. Take kratom.
    ive tried everything and kratom works wonders for my pain,anxiety and mood 3 5gram doses a day but start off slow with 2-3 grams twice a day then go from there . cheers!

  3. CBD should be legal right? I have degenerative Disc disease, spinal injuries and surgeries. My 5th concussion in my 41 years and now I’m dealing with Post Concussion syndrome. I do have a medical marijuana card but use more CBD since the head injury and it helps. The THC Marijuana I barely use because of dizziness. Anyhoo was prescribed this last Friday and been having cramps since. Yesterday I had a flu bug, but it wasnt like a normal flu. MY fingers and to my toes hurt. My mom has Rheumatoid Arthritis and the way she described it, was what it felt like. This so called flu lasted from 5 am to 12 am.. it just went away

  4. I was told Not to read the side effects. I didn't. But the side effects I DID get were SO random and terrible….i bit my tongue nightly and could barely eat, sweat buckets at night, had terrible dreams, high blood pressure so much so that the doc wanted to put me on blood pressure meds to counter the med (?!) And I gained 20 flippin pounds in 3 months! I am only 5ft tall. My legs and arms twitched all the time too. What sucked, was that it DID help my pain. But i had to get off it. I was a rare one who gained weight and had edema. Puffy legs that dented when I pressed on them. Such a mess!!!

  5. soo why does that stuff never work for me? took citalopram..didn't notice anything besides side effects in the beginning. Same thing with Amitriptyline.. The only thing i noticed was that i was confused and veeeery tired after i've had forgotten to take them for 3 days at a festival 😀 Besides that it doesn't seem to do anything.
    i take them because of backpain and depression

  6. I had a car accident when I was 20 yrs where I fractured 3 throactic vertabra I have osteoarthritis and compressed discs bulging disc, degenerative disc disease bone spurs I am now now 58 yrs old. I am taking go Neurontin, Percocet 10- 3 .25, I also have high blood pressure so I take bystolic, hyzar, and creator for high cholesterol I already take Pristiq for depression and now my doctor is wanting to put me on nortriptyline to help with pain at night but after reading all the side effects and seeing what others are saying about how it's affecting them plus already being on so much medication I'm scared of taking it…any suggestions

  7. I took my first dose yesterday at 430 pm I woke up felling awesome at 600am it made me sleep that’s the bad part I never sleep like that I passed the hell pout

  8. I noticed you didn’t have the greatest experience with zoloft either. Im still somehow managing to be on zoloft. But honestly its been hell these last 5 months. I kinda want to switch to like Celexa or something. How would I tell my doctor… would they even switch me simply bc I do not like my current antidepressants or would I have to have a reason?

  9. I take this med for trigeminal neuralgia. But the side effects …. I have been lucky. The only one I get is the sleepiness and what I call medicine hangover because I don't drink

  10. These comments are so weird to me. I've been taking 150mg at night for, 25? 30? years. I can't imagine living without it. Maybe I can't imagine not taking it and still living… An interesting conumdrum.
    or however the fuck you spell it.

  11. I was prescribed this for tension headaches that cause me head pain for months (10mg). Takes it away with one or two pills and I am good for at least a couple of weeks. I also wake up feeling sooo well rested. I don't take it if I have to wake up to an alarm because I know I will be in a deep sleep. It's a miracle worker for me personally.

  12. Am I the only one who feels these doctors are the same as the dealers? Drs have given me so many different drugs that really mess me up. I wasn’t trying to hallucinate or break out in hives or become suicidal… just trying to help my mood disorders. I’ve experimented as a teen with some street drugs. They have nothing on these doctor drugs.

  13. I started out on 25mg amitriptylin to get off opioids, doctor then raised the Dose to 50mg, weeks later I began hallucinating, so bad when I woke up in the morning, that I would fall out of bed trying to get away from the hallucinations. Now I just keep my eyes closed for about a minute until then they are gone. scary stuff.

  14. After many years on tramadol I’m on oxycodon for six months now and the side affects I get are that I can’t sleep anymore. Since yesterday they gave me this drug and it was the first night in six months that I have slept all night and went to bed early. It really helped me out and also I use less oxycodon now. Now I hear it’s called the devils drug? I’m starting to freak out because I hate medication and for the biggest part of my life I’ve learned to live with the pain. But last two years the pain is unbearable so I had no other option to start using drugs.

  15. I just have to say your the most inspiring person not just because of your videos but your heart and soul is blessed I don’t get along to much with other women but I wish there were more people like you in this world just so nice to see thank you for you response

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