Adult recreational marijuana use now legal on Guam

Adult recreational marijuana use is legal on Guam. Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero during a press conference this afternoon announced that she will sign Bill 32 into …


  1. Big congratulations to the courageous leadership of Guam! It seems like they did plenty of work on this bill and carefully studied all aspects. Also I forgot how attractive people of Guam are! My Goodness!

  2. The governor wasted her time along with the nurses, doctors, social workers, religious leaders, youth, the elderly, senators, family and friends. She made her mind up to support the dope addicts even before she became governor. She and the eight senators had no regards to the children and the people's safety that comes with marijuana crimes directly and indirectly. The medicinal which does not make you high is already in place that majority of the supporters are asking for. We already have so much issues with alcohol and cigarette. Why add dope to the problem? I'm sure majority of the people she discussed this with didn't support her……Another history for the island of Guam. Time to vote them out next election. Good luck on controlling and monitoring it. Six plants allowed is a joke.

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