1. I doubt Indiana would ever allow people the same rights as California and even other states like Michigan for Medical Marijuana? It’s nice to have the Legal Right to make cannabis products for yourself and a handful of close friends that may fall under the chronically sick law. (California-CA96) I have been prescribed opiates since age 8 , but have stayed completely Herbal since I have got my Med Card by a licensed California doctor. Diverse Doctors through the years , but all had a mission to help their patients achieve the best holistic healthcare possible. Since I have been in California I haven’t had problems with law enforcement, but back home they will send out the dogs 🐕 depending on the county. Marian County Police USUALLY (not always) has officers that are pretty reasonable, as I have heard most officers just take your stuff(verbal warning), but then if the PROSECUTOR says leave em alone maybe they can focus on Violent crime. Just because Alcohol is legal, doesn’t mean it doesn’t contribute to much crime we have statically as the data doesn’t lie. Alcohol could influence a variety of horrible crimes , as the younger generation isn’t so naive and maybe there is hope for the Hosier State. However.. I have also heard people have even been locked up for Hemp Weed , which is federal legal under the Farm Bill. Indiana is a disgusting state that lengthy imprisonments mean more tax dollars, as the new inmates are branded for life with a #DOC number.✅ No “Soft Checks” either as far as background checks go, as your background will haunt you for the rest of your life and so no hope for a better change for many Indiana residents. (Revolving 🚪 Door) However the investors in the prison industry know the money too be made on the #DOC cattle. As that’s why the county jail has soups for 95 cents , but prison it’s 33 cents. As waiting on that good plea is gonna cost you, as the middle school kid treys couldn’t satisfy any man over 5 ft tall. It’s all a money game to squeeze whatever money the can, as many times your just prosecuting someone chronically ill. However.. The monopoly can’t be denied , as slave labor exist in America aka (Pen Products) and believe me plenty of White Slaves. Indiana is a shitball state , as there weed laws have created Meth problems , Alcohol problems and the Opiate epidemic that exist. The cops are good at arresting people for that smelly plant matter in their pocket , but many times overlook the hard stuff because any arrest is a good arrest. This is the mindset of many in law enforcement within the hosier state. Indiana State Police will violate you, shoot your dog and who knows what if they 😱🚓COULD DO IF they shut off their body cam. I don’t look at California law enforcement as Indiana, as California protects and serves . Indiana arrests, takes your assets and let’s you out without any hope. I am glad to be in California, as I struggle to pay bills because of the expense, but atleast I am not hunted like a wild animal because I might have a plant or a piece of a plant. 💯🤣⚖️
    Indiana has great soil, but why have plants when you can build profitable prisons. 🤨

  2. Should have been legalized a long time ago, once these old lawmakers retire, or die, we can get these ancient laws changed and move forward.

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