🌈CBD vape pen kit REVIEW & UNBOXING | CBDFive

I reviewed the CBDFive RAINBOW vape pen kit to see how it compares to some of the other CBD vapes I’ve tried. In this review, I share my experience and …


  1. I have a question. Are you supposed to hold down the button to vape? I know it has a preheat mode but I've seen other ppl hold down the button when they puff. I dont wanna burn out the oil or anything. Sorry I'm new to this

  2. Been doing CBD pens for months feel no effects NOW all negative stuff on news about vaping?? probably will buy no more..have spent over $200. in last yr ..no effects..no stop of pain ..seems all BS..yes $$$ was on different CBD s

  3. I honestly did like this review and I enjoy your personality a lot, but I wish you had done a little bit more of your own research before making this. The website does say that the red, blue and green light tells you which setting is on. So green was the highest (?) which is why you got a better hit and red was the lowest which is why you barely got anything. Just some constructive criticism.

  4. Hi, can you vape cbd oil out of any 510 threaded vape kit? I prefer to have fatter clouds. I really need some CBD for my panic attack disorder. And lol your neighbors fucking suck lmao. Cool video. Subbed.

  5. I love rainbow vapes 😍 Also I don't mind to be a dick but the button isn't a hexagon… It's an octagon… Sorry 😭

    Really different kind of videos. Didn't really know this was a thing honestly 😂👍

  6. Girl you gotta teach us how to get these. The last company would answer the phone and be like “oh sorry what was your email again?” And I’m like in my head “this collab isn’t gonna happen is it? 😂”

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