Who pulled the trigger?


  1. As wrong and sad as the story of false imprisonment is. I’m more offended at law enforcement officers receiving house arrest if even being charged. 7 charges and he got house arrest? ANY law enforcement officer gets charged his sentencing should automatically be whatever the maximum sentence is. They are public servants, that supposedly know the law, are expected to be honourable and truthful.
    If a cop is being convicted of stealing. The sentencing being 3 – 5 years. Because he is a cop his sentence should automatically be 5 years. Because of a detail always overlooked. That detail is “breach of the public trust”. To be honest the sentence should be the 5 yrs. but because of the breach of trust his sentence should be X .5 . So 7.5 yrs for the sentence. How many years were these LEOs paid to perform a duty? That pay was never to commit crimes.

  2. There's that chic who did a set with Shane Chamberlain the wife beater and child abuser. DISGUSTING. SHAME ON YOU CHANNEL 2!!
    Breaking news he got a dishonorable discharge from the Marine Corps! He has a criminal record he can't be around children! He is a liar! You're nothing but a disgusting peddler of shotti news!

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