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  1. strategic marijuana misplacement in the wrong areas is an excellent way to cause and create a situation for terrorism explosives and missing persons to occur with spiritual transformations ! Then keep tormenting individuals day after day because of their own tampering illnesses. People like this always try to put something down your throat or in your stomach that really was never there to begin with. They are easily heard and spotted in society. As eventually intellectual property wont protect them for their own illegal deeds.

  2. They have a WAR ON NATURE….. and they say they care about our healthcare…. Globalists government officials & commercialized doctors make more money off of a bunch of sick folks in debt ……please…. just saying

  3. Come on guys everyone loves weed but it's illegal that's just the way it is. Either break the law like most of just don't do it
    It had both good and bad side effects and can have the benefit of opening potential to people but can also hold some back
    Hopefuly in the future it will be legal but will have to just have to smoke a bong and chill out in the meantime

  4. who plant extracts are the way to go. safest way to go. the combination of the different constituents of cannabis is what makes the plant special. It's a big CO2 user too and if planted on a mass global scale could make a dent in the ill effects of climate change.

  5. Grew up in my island it has always illegal but I always told everyone that I will Always prefer Weed then any shit that Human made , idgaf about anybody opinion, i never interesting in drinking and other smokes to drugs, I don’t fuck with none of those shit , anything God made , i trust em with 💯 no Cap

  6. Big Pharma…. follow the money… I have had a leg ripped off and idid as prescribed… Took 14 years to completely heal… And my wife is mgr of e.r. we tried very aggressively and finally won…then a small scratch one day to the leg in 10 days time gangrene had set in..i knew the road in front of me….with an open mind i explored the options…. Ppl need to study up on sugar,Himalayan Salt,honey,garlic and most importantly…..??
    Silver in 6 months time it has healed completely and not once did i vistit a doctor….youll be very suprised at your finding

  7. Bruh you can shove your pills where the sun don't shine, Whole Plant Meds not profit from pills through big pharma You money hungry shit bag, Its a PLANT FFS it grows for free in the ground with water and sunlight asshat Keep Your synthetic POISION!

  8. I do not want synthetic anything. Our bodies are organic. Receptors are not designed to process synthetic CBD or synthetic anything. The pharma industry is bent on synthesizing nature, but that's the most unnatural thing they can do. We don't need big pharma. Shut down the labs that push unsafe drugs on the human experience. We want the real thing, the herbal remedies. God already provided us with all our needs. We truly never needed pharma.

  9. Oddly, the full spectrum cannabis oils are far superior in every way. CBD is always better when derived from a healthy plant. CBD can be harvested from either hemp or marijuana plants.

  10. Smoking anything is not a natura way to injest anything but oxygen. Your lungs dont digest. Coughing is your body's way of saying wtf are you doing. Herbs are medicine, not drugs.

  11. Or we could have farmers all over the world grow Cannabis on large scale. Use it for medicine , textile industry, paper and even to use as energy . Time for the government to stop with the bullshit and legalize a plant that should never have been deemed a drug in the first place.

  12. This is exactly how big pharmaceutical companies mess something up that people have been using for thousands of years as soon as it get their greedy little fingers on it. Every single time a pharmaceutical company gets involved with something, they completely ruin it. And after they ruin it, it then becomes toxic to the body because it is a synthesized and unnatural version.

  13. The war on drugs is about control. They laid claim to the right to choose what we put in our bodies. Disobey, get put in a cage and/or fined. Our govt has been deeply fucked up for a long time. I do not concede their claim, the only thing in this world I have any control over is my own body. I do not give that right to them. I can't stop them from putting me in a cage if they want, they can make up shit if they want and have people with guns to enforce it. It's weird, we think of ourselves as an advanced society. We have amazing technology, but our societal structure is garbage. Our basic resource loops are horrible as well. We're not advanced in many ways.

  14. If you smoke the marijuana from America you will get cancer because when you grow on on massive scale such as acres you have massive pest problems and the only way to get rid of them pests is by spraying chemicals on them chemicals that won't come out of your bud grow your own small quantities three or four plants easier to contain easy to maintain

  15. And most of the major growers these days are now paying record low prices so they're having to grow corn, soy and other staple crops in the rotation before they grow the we'd, and quite a lot of the most likely are using some pretty heavy duty anti bacterial is come and other pesticides that are staying in the soil and then getting into the cannabis. Think glyphosate, decimba round up cetera

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