Debate over federal marijuana legalization continues as several states move forward with hopes of making weed accessible for medical and recreational use.


  1. govern=mind ment=control.
    Government should be drastically minimalized..they should not be a corporation, nor should
    we human beings be referred to a corporate entity as well.
    A Federal govts. job should entail a legal Federal sound currency, and a DEFENSIVE military..not
    an invader. No more , no less. Tells us how overly inflated our governments are ..
    wtf up people

  2. safer than alcohol – a stoner is more healthier than a alcoholic however mentally they are both have mental health issues and addiction is real but if its grown organic its ok but people normally modify the plant and manipulate nature too much its not the plant because if you look through history it wasn't so powerful

  3. This episode def needs a part 2. I really appreciate how informative the panel was on this topic.

    I make & sell my own jewelry, but lately I have had the desire to transition into the cbd portion with vape oil and pens. Specifically for the medicinal benefits. I live in DC, so it’s somewhat legal, but I do like the idea of owning weed stocks

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