New Zealand Marijuana Laws: Should it be legal? Boy's Banter Ep 6

Cannabis (also called pot, marijuana, weed, dope, grass, mull, dak, hash, smoke, buds, skunk, cabbage, ganja, reefer) is the most commonly used illegal drug in …


  1. I enjoy the direction you guys are taking with the whole "shit i wish I was told when I was younger". Although I'm 28 I would still enjoy watching videos with that direction, clueing up the youth in a relatable banter style. Y'all sound like you are all experienced in many aspects of life so I think you could powerhouse some good topical videos. Videos about employment and staying motivated towards goals would be cool and educating your audience about life in general. Do enjoy the many minutes of shit talking too good laughs. Keep it up 👏👏

  2. Chur bro I do believe that weed can benefit both your country and economy. However there is an issue of control in that the amount allowed to sell to one person per day or month. The next thing is there should be certain in which the weed is smoked. Weed smoked around little children is terrible for their brain development. The next thing is have board regulations for it in order to avoid abuse. The reason why it was banned in US is that the dea needed a drug to go after in order to get funding.

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