Mighty Vape vs Arizer Solo 2 – Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

These two vapes are typically at the top of everyone’s list. In this video I compare these two high end weed vapes and show you why the Mighty is still the best.


  1. Thank you for this review. I’ve been going back and forth on the Solo2 and think I’ll commit. Mighty is out of my price range and I know I’m not going to want to clean or charge it as often as needed. I’ve had an Extreme Q (also from Arizer) for almost a decade and it’s still going strong, just need something a little more portable.

  2. The Solo vape needs to be drawn slowly to get the best out of it. A slow steady 5 or 6 second toke is ideal and I find six of such hits bakes the herb to finished. No point going beyond those 6 tokes and I'm using similar strength herb as here. Nice smelling stuff though like Choc Mint and Jack-47 atm. The shorter stems with the plastic mouthpiece work better than those longer Arizer stems too. Still my preference for the Solo is more to do with the price and the battery life which as you mention is incredible. The replacement batteries, I've replaced both mine once, are even better! They're actually much cheaper than you mention here and with a loyalty discount we're talking about US$105 for the Solo and $175 for the Solo II. I can see the benefits of the Mighty though and maybe next time I want a larger portable to replace my Solo it will be the choice.

  3. Its called piss as a fucking collective term. If it tastes like piss its fuckin wrong! A load of it should resemble the ammonia of piss, but only in a nice way. If that makes sense.

  4. beginning of the vid: "i'll do a detailed comparsion and show you the pros and cons".
    06:00 "well, you know man, that's all just my opinion and what do i know about your preferences, but here, let me compare them to omelettes and pies!"

    loved every second! <3

  5. Try some good hash in the mighty use the dosing caps and fill with Hash or Keif!!!I’m loving the shit out of my mighty and the best concentrates to use with the pad I found was waxes like some nice live resin✌🏻❤️

  6. I've been using the apx version2 for almost a year now and i want to change or upgrade to a better vaporizer. Any suggestions? Currently torn between pax 3, boundless cfc 2.0 and solo 2. Thank you in advance!

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