How Wizard NPK Cures His Marijuana Buds… Foolproof Way To Achieve Top Shelf Results Consistently!

In this video I go in depth and explain how we dry and harvest our plants, and how we cure them to make some of the dankest medicine who is the most …


  1. Yeah those Boveda are freaking awesome, all I have access to is usually dried out garbage with no smell. Pop one of those in a mason jar overnight it really does improved the taste smell and high. It's definitely worth the $1.50 to have better bud for a few months.

  2. Mahalos for all your Videos and Info . I'm a medical Grower to treat my Injury for being in the Navy and a Disabled Veteran . all your videos and info has really helped me out here in Hawaii . If you even Make out to Hawaii Wizard NPK it would great to have you over to see the Farm and do a Luau for you . Mahalos again for everything ….

  3. Oklahoma – GG4 is currently $16 per gram, $401 per ounce out the door. I grow my own now, but last ounce I bought had 14 seeds in it. There is currently no required testing prior to hitting the retail shelves & being very skeptical, there’s really no way to tell if, for example, the lemon haze is really lemon haze.

  4. I can't stand people I know who cure their buds to bone dry and lose all the freshness. My one good friend is an avid outdoor grower and has grown season after season for many years, but he thinks dries them out way too long and he won't listen to reason, because his ego is all high and mighty because he's grown for so long. I like mine nice and fresh that just burns nicely without having to suck your eyeballs into your head, trying to keep it alight.

  5. I hate it when people criticize who don’t have any data or evidence to show they know better. I will be trying out this method.
    I always hated big bags of product going bone dry.
    Thx again !!!

  6. Hey Wizard!! Just curious if you engage in the controversial “Bud Washing procedure”?? Typically I’ve seen people do a 3 part soak , they’ll have 3 buckets of R/O water , the first having baking soda and lemon juice dissolved, the second having a mild dose of peroxyde in it and the last having just pure R/O. They usually go bucket to bucket in that order to capture the particulates and kill bacteria. However is this a good practice? Does this rob terpenes ? I hear it enhances the taste by quite a margin. Please let me know what the wizard suggests, keep up the great content. Organics FTW

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