Here's how the FDA might go about regulating CBD

FDA officials are hearing from executives at CBD companies, advocacy groups and researchers during an all-day meeting. Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott …


  1. Hmmm… and all the drugs the fda approves for pharma are the leading cause of death in the US. Who is really asking for CBD to be regulated? Let's see the PROOF! PS. Scott just went to work for Pfizer, go figure.

  2. This is bullshit. This guy clearly doesn't know what he's fucking talking about and reading from someone's prompter. There are over 24k scientific studies proven that's CBD isn't harmful nor is it psychedelic. Depending on your state regulations it must have 0.3% THC which and by no means get you high. I've been using CBD for 3 months now. And its helped me with a lot of my disabilities. Examples anxiety wrist pain constant eye shaking. Better focus more energy. And much more. CBD has helped me overcome my disabilities

  3. If that’s the case they need to regulate how many hamburgers and McDonald’s fries you should get…This is total bullshit I’ve been using the hemp flower and it’s worked for me And a good sedative/tranquilizer

  4. He's saying it won't be legalized, but there are politicians on board already. Let's remember Acreage holdings has Governor Bill Weld, Brian Mulroney, and former speaker of the house John Boehner. Illinois just passed it through the house and are headed for legality January 1st. Then you'll see New York, Vermont, Rhode island, and New Hampshire. There are several laws that will get passed in the next 1-2 years. States act and the SAFE banking act will pass this year. Not to mention the NYSE will change regulations to allow these weed companies to consolidate and cross-exchange. On a side note, the lady on this program is a cunt.

  5. This guy has no clue about hemp derived CBD. CBD is naturally low in THC. .3% or less. THC is 30-90% THC. There is NO way to get any high from CBD. Ever. CBD is safer than any pharmaceutical made because there are NO serious side effects. CBD companies just need to follow the rules and get proper testing and certification. Just like an organic rating etc. Some CBD now has an Certified Hemp Authority seal. These are companies that have been strictly tested and proven safe. Its the Wild Wild West out there on CBD so do your research. He also claims people are not getting a therapeutic benefit? The why is it projected to be a 22 billion dollar industry by the year 2022? Because it works. This guy needs to educate himself. There are over 25,000 published studies on the efficacy of CBD. Try and see just how many ailments CBD can support.

  6. The news lady said that could be scary because there might be THC in the CBD.. In over 10000 years of recording on cannabis, including archeological findings and yet no one has died from the effects of either. And that's the thing when we in Colorado voted for recreational it was supposed to be regulated like alcohol but anybody nose that you can buy as much alcohol as you want you can Flash it around you can load your truck up and take it home and it kills people and has killed many people has made them literally stupid but yet there's nothing on the news about the continuous destruction of alcohol on our society but to this lady THC is scary

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