Google Banning Cannabis Content, the TSA and CBD, Cannabis and Psychosis and more!

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  1. I'm still all for cannabis and its benefits but I was one of the individuals that developed a case of psychosis from constant high doses of thc to where my brain couldn't process it all. I had "dope brain". Stopped smoking and was having panic attacks and extreme paranoia for months on end. It was all my fault. I abused it and regret taking advantage of it, because now I cant go back to it without negative feelings. But I'm mentally clear now and feel much better. Keep it lit brother and stay positive.

  2. Can walk around with legal opioids in UK but not legal cannabis……. alcohol works efficiently alongside the media propaganda for the control of a zombie nation…..mind control doesn't work with cannabis users…

    We have "freedom" lol…seems like we're been treated as modern day slaves to me.

    ALL illegal substances "COMBINED"" cause less harm than "prescription drugs" WITHOUT being abused… ANNUALLY…. WORLDWIDE!

  3. They use psychosis because its psychoactive and anyone who is actually psychotic or depressed which almost 100% of people that are violent, psychotic in relations, commit suicides, overdoses… all use weed as a medicine… so the people that died trying to self help are being lied about.. why the fuck wouldn't you smoke weed if your depressed… going to commit suicide, or if you had violent tendencies… or you've had actually mental illness that causes you irritation or discomfort… of course they would have weed in their systems.. these fucking assholes can run the internet but cant understand life.

  4. Mental health is a dumb thing to go on about with weed as it can't be proven unless we invent a time machine if some one goes nuts and needs a nut house over smoking weed I can 100% say there bull shitting if we could go back in time and not let them smoke weed there still be going to a nut house as there crazy weed or no weed, weed isn't the problem it an excuse

  5. I think it was dr grinspoon that said if phycosis was caused by cannabis it would be wide spread as cannabis is used by so many like 40-50% of the population but phycosis and schizophrenia only make up a small percent so it doesn't add up whatsoever .

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