Dr. Tony Evans | Feb 12, 2019. Poison in the Pot

Dr. Tony Evans | Feb 12, 2019. Poison in the Pot ——————————————– ♥Subscribe: ♥Facebook: …


  1. This is so true and relevant to what we are going through. Not only personally but in the churches today. So many churches for the sake of membership and reputation have been taking out and adding to God's word. Poison in the pot! Leading sheep to the slaughter. Instead of reaching people through the Spirit of truth and love they reach people through the spirit of poison. Growth physically but no growth spiritually and definitely no God! Thank you for this message. This reaffirms my belief that if it ain't in the Bible it ain't right! No matter how you twist it up for your own good. It's a shame really and it's sad.

  2. Thank You Father for sending your One and Only Son Jesus for us , Thank You Jesus for your Holy Blessing Of Victory from the Cross to be with us , by the power of The Holy Spirit through Jesus , In Jesus
    Christ Mighty Name
    Amen Amen Thank
    You Jesus Amen

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