Just ordered a couple Ignite CBD disposable pens !! giving my review on how they smoke and taste !! Please enjoy and please subscribe if you liked this video …


  1. What’s the difference with the vape pen and the rechargeable pen? How long will the normal vape pen stay? How much can I smoke with it ? After the vape pen is empty I pull it in the trash or what? I don’t understand ?

  2. I took half a hit of an oil pen this last Memorial Day I thought I was never going to come back to normal, I literally thought I got mentally ill. I usted to love weed about 10 Years ago then I began having the worse Anxiety, but I miss it when it felt ok to smoke, can anyone share their experience and give me an advice?

  3. I wonder if the droppers are the same fluid that's in the pen. You know what I mean!
    I tried another brand in gelcap form and it's weird… Hard to describe exactly what it feels like you know.
    Like the split second before a forest fire, but then that's where it stops.

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