Cloning & Mother Plants – How to Clone Cannabis Guide

Today on Lex’s World I teach you guys the basics (and a couple advanced tips) for cloning your best genetics! All mentioned Grow Gear (T5s, rooting hormones, …


  1. I came here with a question, How many times can you clone Weed? For example, if I germinate a seed, grow a mother seedling and clone the plant once it's the right size. I then take this off-cut clone and grow it big enough again to cut away a new clone from the current clone, grow the new clone and etc continue what happens to the plant down the line? The point of this question is can you just harvest your mother straight up, after cloning her grow the clones harvest them, after cloning the clones etc. Sorry if this is mighty confusing but I'm super interested in what happens to the plant after being cloned so many times. Raises so many questions. Like could you visually see changes on the plant or would the plant not clone past a certain point, yeah hehe super interesting and countless questions :P.

  2. Pro tip: cloning gel is a waste of money.

    Use 100% natural honey.

    This season I've cut 35 clones using this method with basic soil and frequent misting with pH'ed water.

    I lost 2 clones due to overheating as the sun unexpectedly hit my humidity dome. Entirely my mistake which could have been avoided. If it weren't for tgat mishap I'd have had 100% success rate. Much better than I've seen with Clonex or similar products. All of them had rapid root growth and brilliant node growth after a rootball formed.

    Use honey folks! Clonex is a waste!

  3. Hey brother. I hope all is well with you and yours. I am a member of the @milehighgenetics420 brand and we would love for you to honor us with growing an extremely delicious strain, Alien Ice Cream (Spacegrass x Tropical Gelato) from Milehigh Genetics. Im growing one right now and im in week 6 of veg and she is stellar. Once again, thank you for putting out quality, informative facts. We are very fortunate to have you and your knowledge in our community. Stop by on IG and i can show you my Alien Ice Cream. IG @burlap_slap . RESPECT 👊

  4. I do lazy boy cloning, I'll take usually about 4 clones from each plant and put them in a bottle of water in the window sill and in about a week, we got roots baby, I have had close to 100% success rate this way, been doin it for bout 10 years, every since the dude who taught me to grow, an old stoner here in Washington who grew B.C bud back in the day, R.I.P my bare foot hippy friend, he smokin weed up in heaven now.

  5. I'm thankful for that video. I made my clones last night and I worried about the tired look of my clones. When you showed some clones with the same look towards the end of your tutorial, adding that was normal, I started breathing back…

    Thanks buddy

  6. Hey Lex. My friend asked me a question about cloning. Do you lose potency over time by cloning? For instants if I have a mother and I take a clone and make another mother from that. Because it’s getting too big etc. for the house

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