CBD Oil for Migraines & Headaches

DOES CBD OIL HELP MIGRAINE HEADACHES? // In this video, I walk you through the benefits my patients with migraine headaches have experienced with the …


  1. I have similar migraine headaches too… I am looking for healing it completely… I at present in research phase and I know its not so good to use recreational ganja but that's the only choice I have… Upto limited time it does help… I even noticed it reduces my photo sensitivity too… Off course not sunlight but at home bulb light I could tolerate… However I use only half gram of recreational cannabis once a month as it got only thc n very low level of cbd… I get sick with it but upon wake up next day I feel very fresh… But my issue is I am allergic to smoke, smell n many other things… Also not willing to get addicted to it… So looking for medical cannabis option to try…

    I am waiting for my cannabis clinic appointment here… Meanwhile I came across this video…

    How to use cbd oil??? External applications or to be consumed orally or vape or smoke it??? Can you make a video on it???

  2. Migraines I’m sure are a horrible terror, but I’m dealing with chronic cluster ( there is a difference ). 5-10x’s a day every day with about 4-5 days off a year. I also have tried an insane amount of prescriptions and they don’t help. The only 4-5 days off I get a year are from a steroid, but then it comes back even harder ( like it’s mad at me and knows ). Im desperately loosing but refuse to be defeated because of my son. Gammacore is only accepted by my insurance (Fla Blue Cross) if I had epilepsy ($600 a month). Spg blocker isn’t at all (experimental in their words). So now as far as I know, I’m down to microdosing with psilocybin ( illegal) or cbd which my neurologist isn’t being very helpful ( I think she might need to be registered to administer). Any advice?

  3. When you say your patients on average were getting only migraines 1 ever 3-6 months. Is this using the CBD oil every single day? And what dosage do you typically recommend for a severe sufferer? I am pretty much like your patient in your video, I get them very frequently and have tried a lot of different things that in the end that does not work. Ontop of the fact I am on preventive. 4 pills every day.

  4. Can you please make a video talking about the absorption of CBD when ingested (capsules) (edibles) I’ve herd approx 80% of CBD gets destroyed before hitting your blood stream is this true ? How does it compare to sublingual method ?

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