Cannabis News – Not That Kevin Hart | Ep. 445 | 07-19-2019

Joe Klare discusses another higher education degree focused on cannabis, marijuana and parenting and the first adult use shop opening in Boston. 7-19-19 …


  1. My son would HIGHLY disagree that I am more present, connected and calm w/ cannabis. Yeah, alcohol use by 92% of those studied is NOT valid at all…..Always LIKING the Cannabis News, much gratitude Joe!!!

  2. Eventually the mainstream media is going to HAVE to stop inventting ridiculous stories, to try to besmirch and smear the credability of cannabis users. As the plant becomes more and more ubiquitous, it's the mainstream media that looks more and more ridiculous. People can smell bullshit. They may soon finally ask what else the mainstream agenda driven media is bulshitting about. I hope the writers of these clearly biased horse crap articles suffer from severe anxiety and have to go out and but bongs to relieve the stress. That'll learn em.

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