Marijuana advocate talks latest on legalization fight

The CEO of Revolution Enterprises Mark de Souza charts the marijuana industry’s future. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts …


  1. Saagar Lame as hell 👎🏽😂“I went on ur website” you sound lame dawg. “You have fudge” tf you talking about dawg you just exposed how y’all target us (kids)with fudge ? Lmao you full of it . Things are gonna be abused regardless of any advertising or targeting. So in the End it’s just as bad as alcohol and Tobacco ✅

  2. Nice to see the discussion happening, but this guy is all about big industry domination through government favoritism. Anyone should be able to prove basic safety standards through modest regulations. Like CA does.

  3. There are conservative voices who can argue their points better than Saagar does here and has on numerous of ocassions lately. His perspective isn't fact and his attempts to project it as such make for sub-par content. Doesn't represent conservatives well in my opinion.

  4. Actual teen use isn't up in Colorado. The reported use is up because its legal and kids don't fear saying they smoke pot. A chemical dependency addiction to pot is not possible. You can really like having life not suck as much or get a habitation to the activity, but not addiction.

  5. "25 or younger" really?

    What a stupid question.

    18 to purchase a long gun, 21 to drink and purchase handguns, but 25 for marijuana.

    Way to bring the stupid!

    Now, if you want to have a discussion about frontal lobe development, particularly in males, and how it is not fully developed until age 25, a then we should regulate all of these things; well then that's a conversation, but until we are having that conversation or have implemented those things, this question is fucking retarded.

  6. Cannabis is NOT in anyway "physically addicting".
    Cannabis has never in all of human history killed anyone ever.
    It should be treated exactly like tomatoes.
    Should be able to buy fresh spears of cannabis in your grocery store for $10 a pound.

  7. I don't know a whole lot about the industry, but this guy definitely strikes me as a big business investor guy — much the same as when they trot out the neoliberal and conservative strategist people to offer "insights". You can correct me if I'm wrong, but it makes it harder to really take a lot of it seriously, since it just sounds like his eyes turned into $$, and that's why he cares.

  8. Fuels made from hemp are carbon neutral? Hemp can be used in building infrastructure. For example, used in cement it increases the longevity and strength of the cement. Food packaging plastics, fishing nets/lines all kinds of shit. Bernie needs someone to break it down for him.

  9. I would take more dispensary than McDonalds. People one of the reason Heart Disease kill 600k Americans every year is the crap of fast food the US loves to sell

  10. The Hill commentators regurgitating the same old lie about marijuana. It's like they watched "Reefer Madness" and took notes to bring up for this segment. Marijuana is not a gateway drug and how in the hell are younger people getting access to this legally? Because before it was legalized you people in a bubble really believe they couldn't get it off the streets or/and contacts?
    Anyone can grow the plants we don't need corporations so why is it revolving around them. They didn't make nor patent the plant, it's natural. So limiting the licenses will only mess things up like the corporations did in Canada!

  11. He hadn't heard about "25 years old"? He says they act science-based and he has never heard of the age when the brain is fully developed and therefore a pretty common argument?

  12. Canadian here, the corporatization of this industry made many friends of politicians rich, politicians rich and a few early investors. Now since legalization it has been close to a fiasco! No free market here! Government shops and mail order with only those chosen thru a lottery for other retail outlets. Low stock, limited choice, questionable quality rather high $$. Medical users are slowly being squeezed. Greater focus of criminalizing outliers. Grey market still booming with the usual condescending talking points of our 'leaders'. Some folks are happy so there you go.

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