Big Companies Selling Mouldy Product, Benefits of Eating Cannabis Seeds and more!

Lots to discuss tonight! Let’s just do it! NEW MERCH – I love to talk cannabis! You can follow me at these places …


  1. Hello pigeons questionnaire iPad 6 plants in veg for a 6 weeks and I just found out one is a male I took him out but do you think the rest of my females will be okay through bloom

  2. I have an idea about somthing that is not on the market for cannabis.wanted to see if you wanted to go in on this idea, use your logo and everything it's so simple but not around

  3. Heyy Pigeons happy 420!! I know what you're saying about hitting bongs, I hit them all the time but damn my lungs are suffering lol. Have u ever considered vaping bud? I think that's the best way

  4. YESSSS!!!! Pennsylvania, thank you ever so much for not being a dink about it anymore haha. My home, I love ya, but ya gotta get with the program and just let it be chill all around. Although the probable cause thing is huge and worth celebrating!

  5. I am a German Cannabis patient and I get all my cannabis from companies from Canada. I can tell you it’s all over dried, no terps … it has nothing to do with cannabis you grow for you own. They are telling us that we can’t grow so clean like big companies!? Here we go 🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. In my opinion, it is not a good idea to lump cannabis content with ultra polarizing "extreme conservative" (racist) content, or gun worship (violence) this is what we need to dissociate from. Think rainbows and unicorns. The second you mix in Trump and guns I feel like I want to barf. Youtube may have issues right now but in the future, your content will be advertiser-friendly again at least I hope so. It is a lot of work and you deserve to get paid.

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