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  1. yea JK tripple og so yea water and keep doing your thing with organics u dont really need to flush unless u add extras like top dressing i would compost tea it up til the end so u wont have to worrie about flushing when harvest unless u still do p.s aloe vera and water to keep plants soil moist (watertreatment )my little trick

  2. Dont flush organics carnal,,u want those microbes,,dont let it dry completely either,that will slow your beneficial microbes,,keep a lil moisture too and up the K every week,,if u see burn ease up,,during flower i feed everytime,,just easy on the nutes,,no dont give them straight water when u feed they need that food brother when transitioning to flower.i hope u can understand what i mean,,srry if u cant😎🙏

  3. I'm new to cannabis this season, but plants are plants. They need food, water, air, sunlight, and a chance. While the outdoor plants are pushing forward well into flower, I have my second indoor run underway. The clones are 2 weeks rooted, topped from 6th down to 3rd node, filling out super fast, and going into 2 gallon pots tomorrow, with a plan to veg them for 5 weeks before transition. Will be trained as a sea of green in 4×4 tent.

    This time I am using a Canadian product called Reefertilizer, a two part Grow/Bloom food with additional Start/Myccorazae organic soil conditioner. So when I transition to flower, I will flush one week with straight water alternating with comfrey tea to ease the pain. As long as the plant gets water, the food can come later.

    That is my plan for this grow. Thanks for showing the Happy Frog and Age Old fertilizers. Planning my next shopping list. Salud

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