2019 Outdoor Grow Cannabis Patch Update "The Plants Are Getting Nice And Bushy"

Thank you Kaligrownbudz for the seeds I cant wait to receve them.


  1. The plant you revegged with the bud in the middle will take off once you remove the bud and all the leafs around it. The bud will taste harsh but will get you high. I've had this happen to a few different plants over the years. They usually branch out crazy with multiple tops

  2. I'll never put my setup on YouTube because I have my YouTube channel for my memories of my daughter and my sons and my life. But I don't mind sharing my setup with you personally flybird you seem like a cool person just like me. Let me know when you're comfortable I'll be here 👍 👍 best of luck have a blessed day

  3. Fly bird, if you ever want to chop it up with me my personal line 626-726-5727 that's my cell hit me up if you have any questions or anyting I'll show you my setup if you want. Good luck brother sorry about those goats that ain't your medicine that was crazy I saw that video. Much respect brother

  4. Kaligrownbudz is an amazing human being bro, I was the first winner, you were the second winter I know how you feel G this guy is for real. He helped you, he helped me, I need help you more people. I intend to grow the seeds out that he gave me and make more seeds out of the plants and contact people in my area so I can spread the love so everybody has at least one being to pop next season for sure

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